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A general overview.

As a not-for-profit organization, the Fraser Valley Indo-Canadian Business Association (FVICBA) is made up of a diverse network of businesses and individuals who are focused on raising awareness and providing support to the social, cultural, and political issues that impact our community. We are dedicated to forming strong business relationships among professionals who live and work in the Fraser Valley in order to have a greater impact in community development projects and to enhance cross-cultural understanding. We are proud to be an active partner in a wide range of issues that affect our community, including social justice, education, and crime prevention issues.

President's Message
Gurmeen Banipal - President at FVICBA

Gurmeen Banipal

Dear Members,

As the newly elected President of the Fraser Valley Indo-Canadian Business Association, I am thrilled to extend my warmest greetings to each and every one of you. It is with great enthusiasm that I embark on this journey, and I am humbled by the opportunity to serve you.

Through out my term, my vision is to create an open platform for all members, fostering meaningful relationships, sharing diverse views, and collectively working towards success. I invite each of you to join me in making this vision a reality.

Together, leveraging the strength of our Board, Association members, and community friendships, we can strategically bridge communities and fortify the bonds that make our community stronger.

Your ideas are invaluable, and I eagerly anticipate hearing from you. Whether you have questions, concerns, or simply wish to connect, I invite you to reach out via email. I am more than willing to sit down for a cup of coffee and engage in thoughtful conversations to help OUR association move forward.

With warm regards,

Gurmeen Banipal

Board of Directors

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Gurmeen Banipal, President

Meet our President, Gurmeen Banipal.

Gurmeen Banipal brings extensive experience to her role at FVICBA, serving as director since 2020.

As an experienced leader, Gurmeen extends her influence beyond FVICBA by holding positions on other notable boards including the Fraser Valley Healthcare Foundation and serving as Vice President for Abbotsford Youth Commission. She is also actively involved with Order of Abbotsford advisory committee & Character Abbotsford council.

Fun Fact: Gurmeen is the youngest female to ever to serve as the President of FVICBA.

Jasmine Bhambra, Vice President

Meet our Vice President, Jasmine Bhambra.

Jasmine Bhambra brings a wealth of knowledge through her extensive work experience and her many roles in the community. Jasmine is a residential builder/designer, real estate professional, and entrepreneur with a strong commitment to mentorship.

As a community builder for United Way of BC, Jasmine focuses on forging impactful connections and collaborations, aiming to build healthy and inclusive communities.

At the heart of her world are her 4 children and 2 cats who inspire her in every step of her journey.

Markus Delves, Treasurer

Meet our Treasurer, Markus Delves.

Markus T. Delves, CPA, CA is a Chartered Professional Accountant and an experienced board member in the healthcare sector. He is the Director of Finance for Quantum Properties, a Fraser Valley real estate construction company.

He is an experienced board member in the health care sector. He currently sits on the board of the Canuck Place Children’s Hospice and in the past he served as a board member and the chair of the Finance and Audit Committee at the Fraser Health Authority and as the treasurer of the Abbotsford Hospice Society.

Markus articled with PwC LLP and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from SFU and a Diploma in Accounting from the UBC. Previously he served in the Royal Canadian Navy reserves where he retired as a Lieutenant.

Arsh Kaler, Secretary

Meet our Secretary, Arsh Kaler

A proud Abbotsford native, Arsh is deeply passionate about fostering positive change in his community. His entrepreneurial vision and commitment to youth empowerment define his leadership.

As President of the Smiles Through Seva Foundation and Treasurer of the Kirpa Collective Society, he tirelessly creates opportunities for young voices to flourish.

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Arsh actively contributes to the Abbotsford Hospice and Grief Support Society, serving on event and fundraiser committees. With a heart for service and a drive for impact, Arsh is a driving force for positive change in the Fraser Valley and beyond.

Charanpreet Mahal, Director

Meet our Director, Charanpreet Mahal.

Charanpreet is a part of the team at Abbotsford Hospice and Grief Support Society, where she is actively taking initiatives to break the stigma around death and dying by pioneering a Punjabi Grief Support Group for the South Asian community.

Alongside her commitment to academia and engagement in the family business, she remains actively involved as a volunteer and dedicated community member. Charanpreet’s multifaceted endeavours reflect her unwavering commitment to making a positive change and fostering meaningful connections.

Divya Sandhu, Director

Meet our director, Divya Sandhu.

Divya’s extensive experience at the Abbotsford Hospice Society included roles as both an Events Coordinator and later as a Grief Support Coordinator. In her latter role, she initiated a Punjabi-speaking grief support group, demonstrating a profound commitment to addressing the unique needs of the community with empathy and understanding.

Presently, Divya continues to make a lasting impact in public health, passionately supporting South Asian community members. With a proven track record in community engagement and a vision for inclusivity, Divya brings a unique blend of event coordination expertise and cultural sensitivity to the Board, fostering positive change and connectivity within the community.

Harv Minhas, Director

Meet our Director, Harv Minhas.

Harv is a Senior Relationship Manager at RBC, providing advice and solutions to local business owners. He is very passionate about helping business clients thrive and communities prosper. Harv strongly believes in giving back to the community he lives in by volunteering at local events and fundraisers.

He was drawn to volunteer with FVICBA while attending their various impactful events throughout the year. Harv believes FVICBA is a vital part of our community that provides much needed support to local business owners in the community by giving back. He is honored to be serving on the Board.

Jasmit Singh Phulka, Director

Meet our Director, Jasmit Singh Phulka.

Jasmit is a Canadian freestyle wrestler and community leader. With a remarkable wrestling career spanning over 16 years with the Canadian National Team and boasting over 20 international medals, Jasmit brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the board of the Fraser Valley Indo Canadian Business Association.

Beyond his athletic achievements, Jasmit is deeply involved in community initiatives, mentoring at-risk South Asian youth, volunteering at Canucks Place Children’s Hospice and the Salvation Army, and leading efforts during critical times like floods and the COVID-19 pandemic. His values of diligence, integrity, and sacrifice make him an invaluable asset to the board, inspiring others with his commitment to making a positive difference.

Khyati Shetty, Director

Meet our Director, Dr. Khyati Shetty.

Dr. Shetty is currently serving as the Director of the School of Business at the University of the Fraser Valley. She also holds the position of Country Chair for Canada for G100: Top 100 Global Women
Leaders of the World.

With a diverse background, her expertise extends from academia to leadership
consulting for corporations and governments across four continents, spanning 35+countries. In addition, Khyati also serves on the Board of All Hands, Sydney and Higher Education Digest, UK.

Ronnie Sidhu, Director

Meet our Director, Ronnie Sidhu.

Ronnie brings diverse experience serving the community of the Fraser Valley through his role as Director for The Patrika, the Fraser Valley’s longest serving bilingual newspaper published in Punjabi and English.

Ronnie has formalized his strong desire to support positive health outcomes in BC by completing a Masters in Public Health. He applies his education and experience working as a Senior Clinical Business Analyst with the Provincial Health Services Authority, where he facilitates the relationship between clinical, business and technical staff across the Lower Mainland.

Ronnie’s motivation extends beyond professional pursuits to his cherished family, particularly his two beautiful daughters, Arzoie and Aseena. Their presence not only fuels his drive but also shapes his vision for a better world. Ronnie envisions a future where his daughters and all children have the freedom to follow their passions and achieve success in any field or business they choose.